Diuretic foods

Natural Diuretics

Synthetic diuretics

Diuretics are substances which are helpful in flushing out the excessive water from the body by way of urination. These can be obtained in the form of natural diuretics or synthetic diuretics.

Synthetic diuretics are medications or drugs which can be obtained over-the-counter with the prescription of a doctor.

Since they have plenty of side effects, a lot of precautions have to be observed while using them. On the other hand, a natural diuretic like constipation remedies is a safer alternative since it can be obtained from natural foods and herbs.

Also, it does not have any kind of side effects. Listed below are several natural foods and herbs which show diuretic qualities and are able to promote the process of diuresis.

List of Foods which are Natural Diuretics

Apple Cider VinegarAsparagus: This has a chemical alkaloid termed as asparagines which is able to promote effective elimination of wastes from the body by enhancing kidney functioning.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This maintains optimum potassium levels in the body aside from presenting natural diuretic properties.

Tomatoes: These are extremely rich sources of vitamin C which can be helpful in releasing excessive body fluids as well as in improving metabolism, find out more on https://www.vigrxplusdirect.com/enhancementfoods.html .

Garlic: This has mustard oils which have cleansing properties. It is capable of breaking down and flushing out fats.

Cranberry Juice: This is helpful in maintaining the pH level of the urine, in diluting the urine and helps in increasing the rate of urination. In addition, it also helps to improve and maintain the functioning of the kidney.

Brussels Sprouts: These help in cleansing the tissues and cells of the body by stimulating both pancreas and kidneys.

Oats: These have silica which happens to be a natural diuretic substance.

Leaf of the Dandelion: It is rich in mineral and potassium contents which can be helpful in the process of diuresis. Also, it helps in the retention of potassium.

Green Tea: For many centuries, this has been used in China as a natural diuretic.

Fennel: It presents with carminative to relieve gas and diuretic properties.

Juniper Berries: It has volatile oils and terpinen-4-ol which could enhance the glomerular filtration of the kidney. This is useful in flushing out of excessive fluids from the body.

Parsley: This stimulates urination by washing out the toxins from the kidneys.

Celery: Both seeds and plants of celery have high levels of potassium and sodium which can stimulate the production of urine all together.

Lettuce: This is helpful in flushing out toxins and can increase the rate of metabolism.

Melon: This has high levels of sodium, water and potassium which may be beneficial in eliminating toxins and to stimulate the production of urine.

Gingko Biloba: The seeds of Gingko are useful in the treatment of numerous urinary problems. Aside from this, they are also used in treating other disorders such as skin sores, coughs, scabies and digestion problems.